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Ready and able, we here at Burgaw Roofing are your one-stop for all things roofing, from installations to repairs to waterproofing. Need some work done on a roof? We are the best there is when it comes to roofing and everything about them. When looking for affordable and long-lasting roofing and roofing solutions, we here at Burgaw Roofing Installations are the very best!

What do we work with?

A good question. Here at Burgaw Roofing Installations, we work with every material you can think of, from metal to wood to stone to clay. As a quick intro, here are some of the materials and options we offer to our clients:

Asphalt Roofing

Easy to install, calm and simple appearance in appearance and at a cheap and affordable price, it is easy to see why asphalt is of the most popular choices. Asphalt roofing may not be the best option overall, but it is certainly is a dependable and easy one. Coming most commonly in shingles, it’s a popular option for those on a budget and looking for a quick and easy fix for their homes. Their lifespan varies but usually hovers around 30ish years.

    Burgaw roofing contractors NC

    Tile Roofing

    Coming in a wide variety, from stone to clay to terracotta, tiles are (usually) flat, ribbed, or scalloped tiles that are extremely durable but also extremely heavy. They should always be installed by a qualified professional. Concrete tiles are available in various styles and are less expensive than genuine clay, though they also are very heavy, meaning it is advised to first make sure your home is strong enough to handle the weight. If you are interested, consider contacting us here at Burgaw Roofing contactors NC, a fully qualified and certified roofing company.

      Burgaw Roofing Contractor NC Experts

      These are just three of the many materials and styles out there, and we are more than adept at handling even the most obscure or damaged roofing. If you need a job done involving a roof, call us here at Burgaw Roofing. company.

        Metal Roofing

        Durable, reliable and long-lasting; these are all synonymous with metal in some shape or form. Metal roofing takes all the best elements of its material and brings it to the forefront. This makes it, easily, one of the best roofing materials on the market. With a wide variety of styles, materials , and additions, it’s an option we are always recommending for anyone interested in a long-lasting material solution.

        The reason? Its life-expectancy, when done correctly, is staggering.  With a life of 60 years or longer, you cannot possibly go wrong with a good metal roof.  Make no mistake, when you are looking for a once-off installation for roofing Burgaw, metal roofing is your best bet!

        There are many more advantages to metal roofing, from thermal shock resistant to greater flexibility meaning greater shock absorption. With a wide variety of options, materials , and additions available, we have an option and choice for everyone.

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