Only Metal roofing Jacksonville NC make sure this product is properly. Installed as a long-term guarantee can be provided to you.  Yes, metal’s strength may be due to its ability to completely seal water and prevent it from entering your home.  It is also sufficiently long-lasting to withstand high winds and heavy snow. It can protect against the elements of mildew, rot, bugs, fire, and other damage.

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 our roof is the first point of contact during inclement weather conditions. Don’t cut corners to protect your home by installing or repairing the surface. Let the job be done properly by a professional roofing contractor. For years, homeowners and companies have been selling top-notch roofing solutions. To install your current steel, raised, concrete, rubber, or shingle roof. We are the company you can trust when you need an expert team of roofing contractors. We aim to successfully meet all of your standards. 

Our residential roofers are committed to providing you with exceptional service. Whether you need a new asphalt shingle roof or a metal roof replacement. Our roofing companies are serving Jacksonville and all the areas in between. Metal roofing jacksonville are proud that all our materials, our crews are professional and reliable and we leave your home as clean as we found it! 


We understand the complexities of delivering the absolute best in industrial commercial roofing while ensuring minimal or no impact on your daily operations. Your favorite roofer for commercial roof repair services is the Baker Roofing Company. Look to the future with metal roofing that is energy efficient and stylish. Benefits such as installation rate, fire resistance, weather protection, and heat reflections make this style popular with new builds. 

We have built a solid reputation among hundreds of homeowners as one of the fast-growing roof construction companies in the Eastern North Carolina area. The expertise of our team enables us to take on any project that comes our way, providing protection for your home.

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