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The installation of a low-slope or flat roof in the Jacksonville area of North Carolina is different from that of other types of roofing systems. Flat roofing is also called built-up roofs, as the roof is literally built by adding layer by layer. These roofing layers consist of felt roofing alternating with distinct products such as asphalt, charcoal tar pitch, cold adhesive and asphalt. The low-pitched roof is called a low-slope roof. Therefore, no flat roof is effectively level; the roof should at least have a small pitch in order to drain correctly.

Jacksonville Roofing Contractor NC has the skill and expertise to achieve the task effectively and professionally when it comes to your flat roofing Jacksonville.  It operates with residential and customers. Many low-slope roofing projects have been carried out by our professional roofers in this region and hundreds of clients are satisfied.

How Does A Flat Roof Work?

A steep slow roof (usually the roof of a shingle) relies on gravity so that water flows in one particular direction so that it can “shed” water in the shingles over breaks and fasteners until it flows to the rim.  The water must not flow in either direction in the low-sloped roof or the flat roof, so that it must form a water-tight, monolithic membrane which is watertight throughout the drains or border.

A constant membrane covering is used for modern, low-lying roofs to be better able to withstand standing water pools.  These membranes are used as ongoing sheets, connected to heat soldering or to sticks.  Sealed metal roofs with copper or tin include a more costly low slope or flat roof option. These are soldered metal panel interlocking systems.

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Low pitch rooftop roofs would traditionally use the built in roof (“tar and gravel”), but the performance, price and environmental problems of this traditional form of roofing require higher quality alternatives today.

A low-slope / flat roof must also resist expansions & contractions and stay 100% water resistant and the performance in wind, freeze-thaw cycling & sun radiation needs to be considered.  To satisfy this performance requirement, well-engineered installation, seaming and weathering features are required.

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