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In the hills of Vermont Green Mountains are wealthy mineral deposits. These not only produce the strongest slate shingles but also give a very distinctive color palette found on Earth. These slate shingles have a demonstrated history of quality. And have long had a market for their products around the globe. They have produced roofing slate shingles for more than hundred years.

Compared to the once renowned Monson slates manufactured in Maine with a soft fabric and slight luster, Quebec’s rich black slates are favorable. These slates, which are easily accessible from stock, are also a good quality and color solution. This  is compared to the finest blue black slate ever produced in Pennsylvania and Virginia  quarry and manufactured by North America’s biggest roofing slate maker.

Renowned Natural Slate Shingles

The black lattices of this quarry in the United States and Canada are the preferred roof covering for some of North America’s most prestigious historic and luxury custom houses. They are also world-famous and exported to Britain, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Austria, Belgium, New Zealand, Japan and elsewhere.

The established Vermont Quarries generate greens, grays, purple, mottled purple, black, gray / black and red colored roof slates, traditional North American roofing slates. For more than a hundred years, Vermont slates have been widely used. Especially on college campuses, public buildings, in residential quarters and in the most beautiful homes on the continent. They continue to have the same quality, color and longevity and have gained the worldwide business recognition too.

These two prolific slate areas generate unparalleled and uncompromising natural roofing slate!


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