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A wood shingle is rectangle of around 16 inches (41 cm) is the most common type of wood shingle. A shingle is often irregular on both sides; the sides may taper and the sides may not fit squarely. Things that are processed in a way that the bottom is square to the sides are known as re-squared or re-squared shingles.

Tapered, straight, divided or sawn, with the exception of straight-tipped shingles and shakes. Various wood species and quality as well as varying sizes and assembly techniques are used. Shakes and shingles may also be handled before or after assembly with wood preservatives and fire retardants. We are experts in all things Wood Shingles Roofing Jacksonville NC.

Types of Shingles

Modern Wood Shingles Roofing Jacksonville NC

Sawed as well as split modern wooden shingles remain, but they vary from the historical shingles. Modern shakes that are commercially available are usually thicker than the old handsplit ones and usually are left with a rough and corrugated surface. The shake on the rough surface is often seen as “rustic” and “historic,” but actually it is a contemporary version.

Some contemporary shingles are manufactured in pre-cut ornamental designs, sometimes referred to as fancy-cut shingles and accessible for subsequent painting. The sides are rectangular, squared and re-butted, meaning that the sides are parallel and the bottom quadratic to the side. The shingles are redesigned. They are more uniform and therefore more smoothly mounted.

Shingles are less durable than shakes, especially in humid environments; shakes are completed with a drawbar or comparable instrument that leaves a soft surface that resists the penetration of water; and this slows down the micro-organisms’ taht cause the wood to soften. Furthermore, rather than sifting, it only guarantees straight grains (much higher and less likely to warp) by the technique used to divide shakes.

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A shake is a basic wooden shingle, manufactured from split logs. Typically, shakes are used for roofing and siding applications worldwide. Typically for roofing, higher-grade shakes are used in roofing while lesser grades are employed in siding. In both cases, correctly installed shakes provide durable weather protection, while maintainance may be more more than for other more contemporary options.

Sometimes the word shake is used to refer to all wood shingles as colloquialism, but shingles are not split, but rather are sawn. “Shake” relates to the shingle plate in traditional use, and not the shingle. Split wooden shingles are called shags.

Recycled Rubber Shake Shingles

Modern recycling techniques permitted the production of rubber shake shingles, mainly made of recycled tires. They look like a standard wooden shingle, but will not rot, curl, discolor, bend, crack or gain moisture. They will also prevent moisture from escaping. We are on hand if you need any information regarding Wood Shingles Roofing Jacksonville NC.

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